Modelling and Grooming
Catwalk Tips for Models

You are not aware on the catwalk yet? Then take a glance at our tips for the catwalk!Upright posture is one of the most...

26 Jul , 2021
Modelling and Grooming
Tips to Start Your Modelling Career

While all new models will have some basic modeling expenses to begin, you shouldn't burn through every last cent to ki...

28 Jun , 2021
Modelling and Grooming
Modelling During Lockdown

Despite the difficulties, however, at Integral Institute of Modelling and Grooming we saved going anywhere possible, m...

01 Jun , 2021
Modelling and Grooming
How to Quick Start A Modelling Career

Do you want to choose modelling as your profession? If yes, then your first and most important step is to know your goa...

26 Apr , 2021
Fashion Model
How to Become a Fashion Model - IIMG

Study and understand posing. Practice runway walking. What separates a pretty model from another model is going to be th...

29 Jan , 2021
Scale Model Photography for best possible image

It can be difficult to categorize cameras today as manufacturers continually mix form and features to broaden the appeal...

29 Jan , 2021
How To Stay Productive During Slow Time

It's always been normal for models to experience slow seasons but with the pandemic still making itself at home out in t...

28 Jan , 2021