A model may specialize in runways, commercial shoots, magazines, brand modeling, and more. In day-to-day life, a fashion model description may vary, just as the job may vary greatly between projects. Models in the fashion world work in promoting clothes and accessories to fashion buyers for major stores, the media, and customers. Fashion models work in various fields, including photographic modeling, television commercials, live or runway modeling, and product modeling.

                                                                 A model's work environment is liable to change rapidly and to be different given different kinds of modeling work. Some models work primarily on runways and in photography studios, while others work outside. For some models, travel to different areas or countries may be required in order to take part in fashion shows, though many models work locally.

While a model does not have specific employment requirements there are several things that are essential to a model's career. It is vital that a model has an excellent portfolio. This portfolio will showcase a model's work and allow for a casting agent to see the versatility of a particular person and how well a model performs in front of a camera or an audience. A model must also be able to present themselves well and have enough experience with makeup, styling, and hair to be able to be prepared for castings and in situations where they are responsible for part of their look. Furthermore, one pursuing a career as a model will likely want to sign with a modeling agency that will allow for union protection, access to many exclusive castings, and job promotions.

Some requirements for modeling are as follows

  • Good personal grooming - a model must look put together and natural. This means no noticeable makeup, unnatural nail colors, or piercings
  • Collaboration skills - a model must work well with all backstage member of a shoot or a show, the director, the photographer, and the designer
  • Physical fitness - a model must maintain their body well based on the type of modeling that they do
  • Time management - a model must be able to be at all casting calls, and work opportunities on time as the costs of running these are high and there are many people involved
  • Dedication - this career is highly demanding and a model must be highly dedicated in order to succeed.

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